Fowzy Shacker

Chief Technology Advisor

Fowzy Shacker joins ITC2 as Chief Technology Advisor. Fowzy's career spans over 20 years in Telecom industry where he assumed technical roles in Xerox, Bell Northern Research, and Cisco Inc.

In his early roles with Cisco Systems, Fowzy took leading roles in WAN technologies and optimization, Unified Communications, Collaboration technologies in multi-service branch connectivity, and Core routing.

In his most recent role with Cisco Services, Fowzy moved into cloud applications and Service Delivery where he helped form the vision of a unique delivery and orchestration platform rich with SOA, BPM, ESB and cloud  connectivity management for the first time in Cisco. Fowzy’s knowledge of the network, cloud computing, and business applications automation gave him early and applied exposure to the new paradigms of SDN and NFV.

Fowzy’s core skills in service practices, business applications, high availability, and networking protocols enable him to advise his customers on best practices for business continuity, convergence and application migration to cloud. Fowzy thrives on taking every opportunity to help customers achieve their goals from new technology adoptions and employ technology transitions to the advantage of their business. Fowzy has EE education, MBA and MSC.