Using over 40 years of combined telecom auditing experience and decades of accounting experience, ITC2 confidently provides full service accounting and auditing support.

Our Accounting and Auditing Support Include two Critical components:
Carrier Billing Support
• Providing our clients with circuit-level billing reports for all carrier services that are tracked in the carrier client portal
• Identifying services that are billing incorrectly
• Submitting billing inquires to carriers on behalf of our clients
• Coordinating the resolution of billing disputes between carriers and our clients
• Tracking resolution of disputes and ensure correct billing has been applied
• Providing billing dispute assistance and coordination with carriers on a case-by-case basis

Migration and Transition Carrier Support
• Providing circuit level billing reports and tracking the carrier’s spend throughout the network transition project
• Working with carriers to assist with circuit disconnection on behalf of our clients

Value Added Partners

ITC2 provides flexible, custom solutions for small or large businesses, from startups to mature global organizations. By leveraging our relationships with world-class service providers, ITC2 delivers the highest quality services worldwide.