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Digital Optimization® of Business Application: AIOps

A large global company with global infrastructure had its support provided by diverse operational tooling without correlation of events. This caused significant downtime and customer impact due to increased delays caused by efforts to rationalize the outage’s root cause. By implementing FixStream, this company was able to reduce outage time from two hours to 38 minutes, minimizing impacts to clients.

Optimizing Service Desk with Automation

A Global financial institution sought to reduce manual processes to improve productivity and cost efficiencies. They needed a flexible, scalable self-service solution for the global service desk to accelerate incident resolution while addressing gaps in knowledge management among existing ITSM tools. 

Digital Optimization™ vs Digital Transformation

A lot of confusion exists as companies navigate the difference between digital transformation and Digital Optimization™ and determine the right fit for their specific organizational needs. Below we dive into the differences, the strengths and weaknesses, and the particular considerations for businesses during the implementation of their IT transformation strategy. What is Digital Transformation? Digital […]