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What Are the Benefits of Moving to the Cloud?

The cloud is a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet that store, process, and manage data. It provides easy access to data storage and computing power on-demand for your business without taking all of the space required by physical servers. By lifting and shifting your infrastructure to the cloud, ITC2 can save your business in terms of space, time, and money.

Cloud infrastructure enables businesses to create their own IT infrastructure and plays a pivotal role in a business’s Digital Optimization™ designed to meet their unique needs. Our customers experience a diverse set of requirements, from local IT management to infrastructures that support large global projects. Upon review of the existing infrastructure and analysis of needs, we can create an efficient IT infrastructure for you to increase your business capacity while optimizing cost.

What Are Some Common Mistakes Made by Companies That Relocate to the Cloud?

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If needs are incorrectly or inadequately assessed, there can be gross discrepancies in cost. Companies moving to the cloud need a full consultation and analysis beforehand; otherwise, costs are improperly estimated, and valuable time and energy are wasted. ITC2 facilitates the infrastructure lift and shift systematically and methodically with appropriate training for future use and implementation by the IT team to ensure long-term success in Digital Optimization™.

What is Digital Optimization™ of Cloud Lifecycle Management?

At ITC2, we want you to save big with cloud computing, and in our consultation, we discuss our unique approach to Digital Optimization™. Our cloud migration strategies include an engagement process that follows a tested approach, regardless of if you are migrating to a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid approach. We help you lift and shift for optimized savings.

How Does Digital Optimization Support the Shift to the Cloud?

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Thorough Technical Review 

ITC2 thoroughly evaluates your current systems to anticipate challenges and technical risks as well as plan for the future of your business’s Digital Optimization™.

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Digital Optimization™ and Modernization of the IT Infrastructure

ITC2 optimizes cost by providing the best value for your needs while modernizing your business in collaboration with you through careful planning based upon the assessment.

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Planning and Executing Implementation 

ITC2 plans and executes the lift and shift to the cloud strategically while keeping your data safe.

Let’s Optimize a Solution Today!

What is the Unique ITC2 Approach to Successful Infrastructure Lift and Shift?

ITC2 provides a hands-on approach with extensive subject matter expertise in the cloud industry. We don’t just lift and shift your infrastructure, we assess, plan, and strategically execute a successful and secure lift and shift.  Our trusted advisors have an industry reputation for delivering projects ahead of schedule while preserving quality and value in the lift and shift process. As a growing private company, we are uniquely positioned to go the extra mile for you.

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