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Many companies are unsure about the best strategy to stay prevalent in a highly competitive and evolving workforce. Two commonly discussed options include Digital Transformation and Digital Optimization®. But this leaves an open-ended question: How do I decide which is best for my company?

Digital transformation implies a fundamental shift in a business’s current model, creating opportunities for new customer services or products. Although this may appear to be a desirable strategy for companies looking to continue developing in their respective fields, this solution is not ideal for all. Many organizations hoping to implement complete digital transformation in their workspace fail to do so properly, due to this project’s increased complexity and a lack of preparation in management.

ITC2’s Digital Optimization® solution works within your company’s current business structure, carefully revising and enhancing existing technology systems, without requiring a rip and replacement. The main targets of this method are an organization’s unique needs and pain points. A carefully designed and optimized solution for these specific issues can increase cost savings and productivity within a company, in addition to offering a better experience for clients. Digital Optimization® is a special solution, which streamlines a company’s technology systems and provides continual innovation in the industry without a complete shift to their business model. Let our experienced agents at ITC2 devise an optimized solution for issues concerning connectivity, communications, infrastructure, and more, today!

ITC2’s Digital Optimization® Process

At ITC2, we connect our customers to the world. With our Digital Optimization® strategy, we are assessment-focused on calibrating the needs of your businesses and exceeding your expectations. Our respected industry experts provide you with strategic analysis to achieve your IT goals. Our clients look to us as an extension and enhancement of their procurement teams who will provide IT strategies and solutions that work. We’ll take care of the technology so that you can focus on your customers.

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The Importance of Telecom Cybersecurity

Considering our modern world relies so heavily on connectivity, and the telecom industry lies amid this domain, malicious attacks to security are bound to occur. Security systems for companies based in telecommunications are predominately threatened by cyber-attacks, due to the overwhelming amount of sensitive information available. In a few cases, telecom companies will act as intermediaries in the chain from supplier to subscriber, which opens even more vulnerabilities to the security of the architecture. Businesses often seek optimal security for all aspects within their IT sector including physical or virtual components, data, applications, networks, servers, or desktops.

At ITC2, our experienced advisors are here to help you navigate the increasingly complex realm of telecom cybersecurity programs and solutions available. A properly implemented security service for telecommunications will offer early detection of cyber-risks, decreased amounts of pointed attacks, rapid response rates for occurring incidents, and advanced overall protection. As cybercriminals continually modify their practices to adapt to changing opportunities, telecom cybersecurity solutions must evolve as well, with more predictive measures taken to mitigate threats before they have the opportunity to cause serious damage. Additionally, more companies are implementing the use of AI technology for the task of constant monitoring, as this responsibility is growing too quickly to be feasibly completed by human work effort. Due to these components, taking control of your company’s telecom cybersecurity is a critical step in the Digital Optimization™ process.

Largest Cybersecurity Threats in Telecommunications

With the additions of cloud computing, IOT, AI technology, and a growing number of connected devices, the perimeter of visibility is widening. An important key point when attempting to reduce overall risk is acknowledging the wide variety of possible threats to your telecom cybersecurity, which may include:

  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attacks: Cyber attackers intentionally overwhelm their target with a stream of Internet traffic to deplete their victim’s uptime and availability.
  • Data Breaches: Telecom providers continue to struggle with these attacks as they are prime targets due to their valuable data and the breadth of their services.
  • Internal Threats & Human Error: This type of risk is always present in a company, typically stemming from an employee who intentionally, or by mistake, compromises the security of the system, resulting in the loss or theft of data.
  • Indirect Client Attacks: Due to telecom companies often having a large client base, they are more at risk for attacks targeted to their customers from cybercriminals, such as identity theft, malware, and phishing attempts.

How to Strengthen Your Company’s Telecom Cybersecurity

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Understand plausible threats to your system

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Recognize the perimeter of vital security boundaries

Implement robust security solutions to mitigate risk

Train personnel on protocol to reduce human error

How Does ITC2 Help Telecom Companies Solve Cybersecurity Issues?

At ITC2, we offer personalized solutions in telecom cybersecurity to meet your business’s goals for Digital Optimization™ and Digital Risk Management™. Our trusted advisors have over 300 years of combined IT experience in best practices in telecom cybersecurity. We’ll help in constructing a security strategy to defend your company’s telecom systems against identified cyberthreats. Through assessment, planning, and implementation, ITC2 will be there with your company every step of the way. Read all about how we successfully helped a company with telecom cybersecurity in this case study. In supporting your business’s unique needs, our experienced IT consultants will aid in the selection process of a telecom cybersecurity solution which will secure and streamline your company’s workforce into the future.


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