Welcome to ITC2

Competitive Advantage

ITC2 differentiates itself from our competitors by leveraging our numerous relationships, professional certifications, decades of practical training, and diverse hands-on experiences. One intangible, but nonetheless vital, asset we pride ourselves in is the trust we strive to build and maintain with our clients, and the quality of the long-term relationships with our partners and providers. ITC2 provides consultants and subject matter experts from around the globe, who are able to provide around-the-clock service to meet all the needs of our clients.


ITC2 was founded in 2006 as a minority-owned small business specializing in global bandwidth procurement, developing and managing RFIs and RFPs, network implementations, and providing technical managed network services solutions aimed at better supporting a client’s business infrastructure and future needs. Our team of industry subject matter experts simplifies how both public and private businesses purchase, implement, and manage telecommunication services. ITC2 uses strategic relationships and partnerships to develop client-specific solutions. Our goal is to help our clients focus on their business while we eliminate “pain points” in their telecommunication and network operations. While ITC2 has traditionally focused on targeting global companies that outsource the majority of their IT operations and recruitment services, being agents for our partners has provided us with opportunities to continually expand and improve our offerings. Much like the telecom industry as a whole, we continue to evolve by offering more services surrounding our fundamental offerings. These include full-service telecommunications services, enhanced auditing services, and value-added partners.

A Message from our Partners

Working together to develop meaningful and long-term partnerships is the cornerstone of the ITC2 business model. These partnerships have helped ITC2 grow into a diverse company with very healthy year-over-year growth opportunities. Strong client focus continues to drive our desire to improve our core business by bringing in industry-best outside partners, expanding our certifications, and creating a top-notch talent pool of operational subject matter experts. Our ability to continually improve has been extremely successful as we continue developing a sustainable and financially sound company. The continuous growth and evolution of ITC2 will further allow us to give back to the telecommunication and staffing industries and further help others “connect the dots” that will ultimately reduce their “pain points.”

We invite you to join us as we continue growing your business for decades to come!

Les Peterson, Tom Galbreath, Tim Anderson, Michael Fisher, Carol Kelly, Gary Kallenbach, and Russ Burd

Our specialization

Global Bandwidth Procurement
Carrier Billing Support
Migration Carrier Support
Transition Carrier Support
Executive Staffing

What is ITC2?

94% Past-Performance Rating from Dun & Bradstreet
  • Simplify your management and purchasing of telecommunication and cloud services, monitoring & discovery, security, and more
  • Consult, analyze, and keep up-to-date with the technology, consolidate (services, carriers, vendors), and more
  • Trends in the industry today
  • New technology
  • Rapid growth
  • Security
  • Competition and consolidation

Who funds ITC2?

ITC2 performs the functions of an agent or broker on behalf of our service providers and vendor partners through direct and master agent contracts.  And in most engagements:

  • ITC2 is not authorized to purchase or disconnect services or enter into contracts on behalf of the customer
  • Any such actions must be submitted by approved client staff in writing
  • Customer contracts directly with the service provider or vendors

ITC2 will  provide a written statement of work that spells out our engagement and our deliverables.