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What Are the Benefits of Digital Optimization® in the Cloud?

Businesses often need to migrate mission-critical applications to the cloud. The cloud powers applications, resulting in flexibility and agility in the infrastructure. Application migration reduces cost through Digital Optimization®.  By moving to the cloud, applications can be scaled to meet demand as traffic increases. Migration supports fast implementation of applications while reducing overhead costs, especially in global environments.

Application migration to the cloud fundamentally optimizes your business for efficiency while preparing for future growth. At ITC2, we focus on providing a solution for application migration that is customized, tested, and dependable from assessment to deployment. Within the process of application migration, we can also modernize and optimize applications to create a cloud infrastructure targeted to your business through reporting on operational insights, cost, efficiency, anomalies, and guidance via machine learning for future automation.

What Are Some Common Mistakes in Cloud Optimization?

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Cloud migration is not necessarily an all-or-nothing process. Some data may be better served on hardware due to the type of data, process, and/or legal requirements. In order to customize the best recommendations, understanding your environment’s pain points is critical through an upfront assessment, proof of concepts (POCs), and functional cost analysis. Let us help evaluate your needs to determine the best Digital Optimization® plan for you.

We Offer Solutions Aimed at Better Supporting a Client’s Business Infrastructure & Future Needs.

How Does ITC2 Add Value with Cloud Migration Services?

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Cloud Spend

Cloud optimization can be accomplished by cost analysis with KPIs to provide you with guidance on cost and usage efficiency.  ITC2 will analyze your needs to make the appropriate recommendations.

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Cloud Managed Services Consulting

ITC2’s consulting services will thoroughly assess your data needs for applications in order to provide the best solution for cloud migration. By monitoring the complexities of the applications, integration solutions, operating systems, and databases, we can provide a great solution to the most complex of problems!

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Application DevOps

Development and Operations merge to support continuous delivery, service, integration, and collaboration. The cloud can support the automated and streamlined process of application DevOps for a faster, more efficient business.

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Cloud Infrastructure

ITC2 evaluates your current hardware and software packages to support the lift and shift to the cloud. Cloud infrastructure will be optimized for performance and cost.

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Patch Management Automation

Networks can benefit from auto-updating systems of applications through patch management automation, improving security, productivity, and compliance with legal industry standards.

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Services Shift to the Cloud

ITC2 can help design a shift for your services to the cloud for a seamless, dependable process to support your unique and diverse Digital Optimization® needs.

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Data Center

Store and protect your data in the cloud when appropriate for efficiency and flexibility while maintaining legal requirements for secure storage.

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Digital Risk Management

Mitigate security risks throughout the enterprise through available options within the cloud.

Let’s Optimize a Solution Today!

What Role Does Our Unique Approach to Digital Optimization® Play in Application Migration to the Cloud?

A myriad of cloud options exists out there. When migrating apps to the cloud, ITC2 supports your infrastructure through Digital Optimization®. After thorough analysis, we support the lift and shift of your applications in a strategic and meaningful way while maintaining cost-effectiveness.  We don’t just recommend application migration; we optimize your solutions for your industry.

Our diverse, experienced partners and IT leadership team have a combined work experience of over 300 years in the industry and are driven by a strong work ethic and commitment to customer service.

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