• Connectivity & Communication

Businesses that engage in digital transformation experience tremendous benefits in connectivity and communications.

ITC2 helps companies do more than adopt new networking and voice technology. With our TLifeCycle lifecycle management services system, all aspects of modern connectivity and communication needs are analyzed and addressed while optimizing costs for your company.

What Are Challenges Companies Have with Connectivity and Communications?

Flaws in engineering design can hinder operations and communications, leading to lost opportunities, lost time, and lost profits. At ITC2, we provide a quality engineering-first approach to our digital transformation consulting services to ensure a strategic connectivity framework for your business.

Why Do Companies Need to Go Beyond Adopting New Networking and Voice Technology?

Companies that merely increase their adoption of new technologies are fostering a misguided network approach. Often, these flashy new approaches are quickly outgrown by the business when not carefully and methodically selected to the client’s needs. Our IT consulting services team makes recommendations with the future and growth in mind.

How Does ITC2 Utilize Digital Optimization™ to Benefit Connectivity and Communications?

ITC2 uses Digital Optimization™ to optimize your digital solutions for connectivity and communications. We provide an agnostic, unbiased approach to IT Consulting Services to provide you with the best network and voice technologies for your specific needs!

What is ITC2’s TLifeCycle Lifecycle Management Services System?

ITC2 provides the client with ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of developing your solution.

Step One: We provide you with a network purchasing strategy through consultation, engineering support, design configuration, solution connectivity, market/service provider comparison quote reports, and requirements development.

Step Two: We begin overseeing the lifecycle through expense management, billing, audit reviews, circuit performance, ticketing, and ongoing support for modifications. We provide program management support, project management, reporting, escalation, and resolution during service delivery.

Step Three: Into the future, we provide long-term asset management, order history, and ticket and implementation status updates. ITC2 leaves no stone unturned in our process of supporting your business needs in terms of networking and communications, so you have more time to focus on your customers! We are here for you!

We Offer Solutions Aimed at Better Supporting a Client’s Business Infrastructure & Future Needs.

Process Overview of The Lifecycle Management Services System:

Businessman on blurred background using tech devices and icons thin line interface
  • Initial pricing – ITC2 provides an unbiased approach to negotiation and securing RFQs from vendors to meet your requirements.
  • Contract consulting – ITC2 provides circuit procurement management throughout the lifecycle of the contract with quote generation, provider selection, order management, and contract review.
  • Service delivery – ITC2 provides program management support every step of the way with project monitoring and reporting. We’re here for you with escalation engagement and speedy resolution.
  • Invoice audit – ITC2 will review and audit your records for cost optimization.
  • Support – ITC2 provides ongoing support every step of the way through network design, implementation, billing, escalation, resolution, and redesign. We facilitate the process of creating a connectivity and communications system that works for you with support for adaptability to meet future Digital Optimization™ needs.

ITC2’s unique approach to making companies more efficient with connectivity and communications services is designed with your business in mind.

By using Digital Optimization™ to optimize and modernize your connectivity and communications services as catered to your business, ITC2 adds value to your business in terms of opportunities, time, and costs.