At ITC2, we help clients increase their network performance and capacity while optimizing costs.

Looking for some examples of what a partnership with ITC2 can mean for your business? Here are several case studies of how our digital transformation expertise has helped a variety of businesses leverage connectivity, communications, the cloud, and more while saving on costs.

ITC2 Optimizing Business Application Resolve.IO

Digital Optimization™ of Business Application: Automation

An advanced telecommunications provider wanted to maintain 24x7 uptime across the network without ripping and replacing current diagnostics, and they wanted to increase response time in resolving incidents, reducing reliance on ticket escalations and other problematic delays.
ITC2 Optimizing Business Application FixStream

Digital Optimization™ of Business Application: AIOps

A large global company with global infrastructure had its support provided by diverse operational tooling without correlation of events. This caused significant downtime and customer impact due to increased delays caused by efforts to rationalize the outage’s root cause. By implementing FixStream, this company was able to reduce outage time from two hours to 38 minutes, minimizing impacts to clients.
ITC2 Increasing Capacity and Optimizing Cost Success Story

Increasing Capacity and Optimizing Cost Success Story: Telecom

The client lacked a telecom expense management (TEM) system, accountability in purchasing, no visibility between purchaser, and no invoice review process for over five years.
ITC2 Optimizing Cost Success Story Data Center

Optimizing Cost Success Story: Data Center

An established and growing video-on-demand advertising solutions company headquartered in Silicon Valley was looking to add a layer of protection against the possibility of an earthquake without having to invest in a complete disaster recovery solution.
ITC2 Optimizing Cyber Security Risk

Optimizing Cyber Security Risk: Success Story

A large global fintech company with over 150,000 endpoints struggled with cyber attacks and breaches, and could not rationalize millions of lines of security logs to understand where the real threat lie and which assets were exposed to the internet and weaponized.
Globe with location points and a location target

Optimizing Business Application: AIOps Auto-Discovery & Dependency Mapping

A leading healthcare enterprise needed end-to-end visibility for quick root cause identification of issues impacting its SAP ERP. The company lacked a dynamic and up-to-date inventory of IT infrastructure entities supporting ERP business processes. High MTTR impacted the business as operational data was siloed, existing in disparate domains of the SAP ERP stack.
ITC2 Increasing Capacity Success Story Telecom

Increasing Capacity Success Story: Telecom

Our client’s MPLS network was failing to support its business units around the world, costing the company as much as $10,000 per minute in certain network elements from its customers and loss of productivity.
ITC2 Optimizing Costs Success Story

Optimizing Costs Success Story: Data Center

An SMB services company with more than four million users, revenues of $330 million, and a $10 million IT budget needed to scale. Their limited staff was struggling to support a 24/7 business model for its growing member network.
Person at a desk with a question mark representing service desk

Optimizing Service Desk with Automation

A Global financial institution sought to reduce manual processes to improve productivity and cost efficiencies. They needed a flexible, scalable self-service solution for the global service desk to accelerate incident resolution while addressing gaps in knowledge management among existing ITSM tools. 
ITC2 Optimizing Cost Success Story Telecom and Security

Optimizing Cost Success Story: Telecom and Security

A global financial company overpaid when purchasing direct for a carrier’s over-engineered solution and lack of circuit diversity, putting the company at risk.