Core Services

We specialize in simplifying the management and purchasing of telecom services for our clients worldwide, aimed at better supporting their ever-changing infrastructure. As proxies for our partners, we specialize in providing telecom support starting with the Pre-network Deployment stages.

This begins with us first:

  • Developing a clear understanding of our client’s needs.
  • Performing in depth audits of current systems and costs.
  • Developing RFIs and RFP.
  • Optimizing current and future services.
  • Determining appropriate technology solutions for current and future platform functionality and cost effectiveness.
  • Negotiating the best-in-market prices and contract terms consistent with their service volumes.
  • Ongoing telecom lifecycle management and reporting to ensure consistent performance quality, on-time payments, and forward planning.

We continue this level of service assurance during the implementation stages by working with our vendors to increase service assurance levels with respect to capacity, reliability, security, billing, and account support. Carrying on into the Post Network Deployment stages, we pride ourselves in being part of your ongoing solution. We do this by continuing to provide reporting, auditing, optimizations, and constantly reviewing new and emerging technologies and services. ITC2 accomplishes these successful network deployments by following the Global Governance and Management path, which is derivative of COBIT 5 for Network Services. We encourage you to evaluate the many Solutions we offer to ensure your continued success, as well as our many Resources we have available to help keep you on the cutting edge!