Core Services

ITC2 focuses on helping clients increase capacity while optimizing costs, and a key component of this mission is enabling digital transformation. We help businesses maximize the value of technology, so transformation is actual and meaningful.

Digital Transformation

In technology circles, digital transformation has become the buzzword of the moment, but when properly implemented it fully leverages technology so businesses can reap benefits with every step they take. To be impactful, however, digital transformation must involve more than simply adding technology to operations. Companies must infuse all of their processes with:

Connectivity (Wired & Wireless)Connectivity
(Wired & Wireless)
Communication (Wired & Hosted)Communication
(Wired & Hosted)
Optimized InfrastructureOptimized infrastructure
Strategic shift from on-premises to cloudA strategic shift from on-premises to the cloud
Application Migration to the CloudApplication migration to the cloud

Also, tailoring solutions is key, so assessment-driven and future-proof applications, platforms, and critical workloads help sustain meaningful transformation.

Connectivity & Communications

Businesses that engage in digital transformation experience tremendous benefits in connectivity and communications. ITC2 helps companies do more than just adopt new networking and voice technology. With our TLifeCycle™ lifecycle management services system, all aspects of modern connectivity and communication needs are analyzed and addressed, including:

Initial PricingInitial
Contract ConsultingContract
Service DeliveryService
Invoice AuditInvoice

Infrastructure Lift & Shift

Making the switch to the cloud is a key step in a company’s evolution. ITC2 helps ensure businesses make the right move, with our ROI 360 migration strategies. This engagement process follows a tested approach, no matter if you are migrating to a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid approach. ROI 360 includes:

Thorough Technical ReviewThorough
technical review
Optimization and modernizationOptimization and modernization of your IT environment
Planning, Executing ImplementationPlanning and executing implementation

ITC2’s digital transformation assistance doesn’t end there.

Application Migration to the Cloud

To fully experience the benefits of digital transformation, businesses often need to migrate mission-critical apps to the cloud. The cloud powers applications, resulting in flexibility and agility. Our migration services include:

Cloud Managed Services ConsultingCloud-managed
services consulting
Application DevOpsApplication
Security OperationsSecurity
Cloud InfrastructureCloud
Patch Management AutomationPatch
Services Shift to the CloudServices shift
to the cloud
Data CenterData
Cyber Risk ManagementCyber Risk

Each service begins with expert assessment and ends with ongoing management, support, and analysis.

Enterprise Solutions

ITC2’s ongoing support helps ensure that enterprises fully benefit from digital transformation. We employ robust enterprise solutions:

Resolve Systems

Resolve’s powerful platform of automation and AIOps integrates into your hybrid IT stack for modernization, optimization, and efficiency.

Ready to get started? ITC2 is ready to help you increase capacity while optimizing costs. Schedule a demo today to begin.