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Why Choose Digital Optimization®?

Many companies are unsure about the best strategy to stay prevalent in a highly competitive and evolving workforce.

How To Approach Telecom Cybersecurity

Considering our modern world relies so heavily on connectivity, and the telecom industry lies amid this domain, malicious attacks to security are bound to occur.
Streamline Your Network with SD-WAN

Streamline Your Network with SD-WAN

What is SD-WAN? Networking has become extremely complex with cloud computing growth and the increasing amounts of connections through various devices and global locations. Having a WAN (Wide Area Network) integrated through MPLS connections…
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What Practitioners Need to Know About Cybersecurity in Healthcare

With the surge in telehealth and telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers are transforming their service delivery model to help patients stay safe while getting the treatment they need.  Telemedicine empowers physicians…

Utilizing Automation to Streamline Your Business Operations

ITC2 is a proud partner of Resolve, the #1 IT automation platform in the industry. Resolve’s mission is to extend their advanced knowledge of AIOps and IT automation in order to improve simplicity, efficiency, agility, and resiliency in a…
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Planning Your Cloud Migration Strategy

What is Cloud Migration? The “future” of cloud computing is here, and many companies are choosing to transform their IT operations by employing a cloud migration strategy to stay competitive in the industry. The process of cloud migration…
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How TEM Can Improve Your Organization’s Costs Through Substantial Savings

The challenges presented by COVID-19 leave many business leaders and CIOs scratching their heads as they face tough decisions to reduce costs. Fears of downsizing are plaguing the industry right now, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Leadership…
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Digital Optimization™ vs Digital Transformation

A lot of confusion exists as companies navigate the difference between digital transformation and Digital Optimization™ and determine the right fit for their specific organizational needs. Below we dive into the differences, the strengths…
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The Ethernet VPN (EVPN) Solution for Remote Companies

ITC2 is committed to providing Enterprise networking experts with insights as they ponder deployment of their applications in various Data Centers around the globe while preserving isolation, security, and mobility of their applicationsAs…
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Telecom Carriers Push Back on Payment Providers

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Recent developments between major telecom providers and the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service providers have created a wave of concern that is driving change among TEM service providers and their clients.In this…