FixStream a “Meridian Platform”

Reduces MTTR in your enterprise by correlation, visualization, and analytics to isolate the root cause by instantly correlating all the data between the layers. 

  • Typical Uses Case
    • Troubleshooting applications in complex hybrid cloud environments.
    • Migrating applications to the cloud and compliance.
  • How Data is Collected
    • Agent-less Techniques via the FixStream Data Collector Module (DCM).
    • Built-in Connectors integrated with third party tools providing operational overlays, such as faults, alerts, logs, and tickets.

Stop waiting until the phone rings to find out there is a problem. Be alerted before trouble begins. Solve issues before users even notice a problem.

FixStream provides a big data AIOps correlation, visualization, and analytics platform for Hybrid IT. It allows enterprises to accelerate the delivery of new digital services and save millions of dollars by:
  •  Automating root cause analysis of business transactions and applications. Optimizing IT resources and reducing infrastructure cost. Accelerating technology migration to hybrid cloud and containers. Reducing compliance risk and audit costs.
  • Traditional tools provide narrow, minimally useful, domain-centric views without correlating events, thus impacting the visibility and the management of hybrid IT environments, costing companies $336K/hour (Gartner) worth of wasted effort, time, and grief during service outages alone.
  • FixStream instead provides an integrated end-to-end view of business transactions flows correlated to application services and infrastructure entities that reduces Mean-Time-To-Identification from hours/days to minutes while saving them millions each year.

Thanks to this industry breakthrough, FixStream has been named by Gartner a “Cool Vendor 2017” and has been chosen as a 2017 Red Herring Top 100 Winner.