Streamline Your Network with SD-WAN

What is SD-WAN?

Networking has become extremely complex with cloud computing growth and the increasing amounts of connections through various devices and global locations. Having a WAN (Wide Area Network) integrated through MPLS connections is no longer an ideal architecture on which companies should operate. Networking and infrastructure must evolve with the ever-changing IT developments and with a business’s needs. SD-WAN, or in other words, Software Defined – Wide Area Network, offers numerous solutions to streamline your company’s workplace. Through a central management system and simplified operations process, this modernized structure will further your journey to Digital Optimization®.

Why Choose SD-WAN?

Although companies were looking to upgrade and optimize their MPLS-based WAN architecture for increased performance in the past few years, transitioning to a personalized SD-WAN network is a far more valuable solution looking forward. There are varying types of SD-WAN networking systems; however, they all provide similar benefits over any existing architecture. ITC2 advisors are here to help your company select the appropriate SD-WAN solution for your personal IT needs. The most common benefits experienced when an SD-WAN network is implemented include:

  • Connection to the Cloud: Dated network systems were designed when the idea of cloud computing was nonexistent. Currently, most companies have adopted cloud technology within their business operations in some form, and their preexisting solutions cannot support the growing requirements in this new environment. SD-WAN offers a contemporary fix to these issues while also granting advanced data security in the cloud’s borderless setting.
  • Efficiency: Compared to traditional WAN networking, SD-WAN does not require as much human interaction with the system, such as manually changing a router’s commands, for example. The centralized management process of SD-WAN offers a simplified networking method that allows employees to spend time on more critical tasks and decreases human errors. Companies can easily configure, manage, and define rules or policies within the network that are automatically implemented across the entire system.
  • Faster Network Performance: SD-WAN streamlines traffic by optimizing all paths across the network and diminishing the system’s downtime, which improves functionality and value in your business operations.
  • Cost Savings: The implementation of SD-WAN technology dramatically decreases IT costs by combining the previously mentioned components of increased performance and efficiency in the workplace. Companies may also use SD-WAN to reduce their number of costly MPLS connectivity lines and switch to primarily using broadband technologies.

How Can ITC2 Help?

At ITC2, we help our customers meet their Digital Optimization® and Digital Risk Management™ goals by assisting with SD-WAN networking. Our trusted advisors have over 300 years of combined IT experience. They will plan to successfully transform this system with assessment, strategic planning, and a modernized approach to the implementation process. In supporting your business’s unique needs, our experienced IT consultants will aid in the selection process of SD-WAN technology, streamlining the company’s workforce into the future.

About ITC2

ITC2 is a Gartner recognized Minority Business Enterprise Supplier with a 94% customer satisfaction rating from Dunn & Bradstreet, a requirement to do business with Federal, State, County, and City Governments.

For more information, call (404) 507-2105, visit, follow us on Facebook (@ITC2), LinkedIn (@ITC2), YouTube (@ITC2), and Twitter (@ITCtwo).

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