Digital N-Sights is a powerful tool that consolidates and assimilates data from multiple platforms and suppliers into a real-time, comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboard, order management, project and program management. It enables customers to replace manual spreadsheets, improve accuracy, increase productivity, and reduce costs on the journey to Digital Optimization.

Digital Optimization®: Defining Network Procurement Leakage, Performance, and KPIs goes in-depth on getting better performance from your Network and decreasing leakage.

ALPHARETTA, GA–January 12, 2021 – ITC2, a leader in digital optimization and IT solutions for over a decade, has released a new e-book Digital Optimization®: Defining Network Procurement Leakage, Performance, and KPIs focusing on lowering network leakage and increasing performance.

This new book will help both new and established groups discover new methods for long-range planning and stakeholder requirement validation and how to find new ways to assess leakage points through continuous process analysis. All while learning effective ways to establish a project management plan from scope setting to timelines.

By looking at “leakage” in the network procurement process, businesses can identify and target a plan for their operation with the establishment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make the best business decisions.

The ITC2 team, led by partner and Senior Advisor of Procurement Gary Kallenbach, brought their over 300 years of combined experience to provide an in-depth resource to understand network and IT performance metrics. Together, with contributions from Tim Anderson, Mike Fisher, Fowzy Shacker, Craig Sekowski, and Carol Kelly, ITC2 has continued to cement itself as the leading name in Digital Optimization®.

Co-author Gary Kallenbach shares, “We have created a telecom procure-to-pay process that maximizes the value to the company for the lifecycle of the existing technology but also prepares for new technology while reducing points of leakage.”

Digital Optimization®: Defining Network Procurement Leakage, Performance, and KPIs is available as both a free, direct download PDF and a Kindle e-book. To learn more and download the e-book, visit today.

About ITC2

ITC2 connects clients to the world, securely, through Digital Optimization®. Founded in 2006, ITC2 began supplying network engineers to Cisco Systems Advance Service teams worldwide. In 2013, ITC2 introduced new portfolio offerings including Global Network & Voice Procurement, Implementation, and Project Management and in 2018 added Telecom Expense Management, Network Managed Services, and Software Platforms Development.

ITC2 is a Gartner recognized Minority Business Enterprise Supplier with a 94% customer satisfaction rating from Dunn & Bradstreet, a requirement to do business with Federal, State, County, and City Governments.


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