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ITC2 is committed to providing Enterprise networking experts with insights as they ponder deployment of their applications in various Data Centers around the globe while preserving isolation, security, and mobility of their applications

As more companies move to remote and flexible environments while maintaining their employees’ ability to access their systems and protect critical data securely, the ITC2 experts strongly believe EVPN constitutes an essential solution. In this blog post, we are diving into EVPN as a new rich and flexible implementation for greenfield or evolving Enterprise virtual deployment and how it may positively impact your company. – Sport Online-Shop – Laufen, Fitness & Training, Tennis, Outdoor & Wintersport. Top-Sport, Marken & Beratung anavar Fitness-Junkie nackte Hentai-Clips

What is EVPN?

EVPN stands for Ethernet VPN, which is a standards-based solution for Data Center Overlay networking allowing new flexible connectivity for multi-tenant virtual applications and workloads.

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Why Implement EVPN?

EVPN can be used for tunneling over IP or MPLS. By deploying over IP, it eliminates the dependency on SP MPLS service in place. It uses the control plane for MAC learning, eliminating the need for flooding of Unicast and ARP traffic. It uses BGP to discover participating PE nodes in a VPN topology. EVPN can be used to build both Layer 2 and Layer 3 multi-tenancy and acts as an open standard that works between multiple vendors.


When is EVPN Beneficial?

EVPN is a growing trend for Data Center connectivity where L3 East-West communication is of paramount importance, and MPLS service is not a requirement.  Why is this a trend? More and more companies have moved to SD-WAN and control their own routing.


“As Leaf & Spine topology continues to grow in Data Center applications, there is a need to move to simpler and more flexible L3 tunneling. EVPN presents the best option currently with promising multi-vendor support and user adoption,” states Fowzy Shacker, Chief Technology Advisor for ITC2.


EVPN Considerations

What factors should you take into consideration when it comes to EVPN?

  • The separation of Overlay from Underlay infrastructure; end-users can design the overlay network while IT teams provide generalized transport.
  • Micro-segmentation of applications that gain the flexibility of private or cloud deployment with seamless integration.
  • Isolation, where single-homed or multi-homed applications can be isolated in tunnels, which also improves supportability.


How can ITC2 help?

ITC2 helps with the New Overlay and Underlay design consultations for your DC applications, Transport, DCI, and DIA connectivity. Additionally, ITC2 supports new and existing services audits, program management, facility cost negotiation, and more.


What Is the Turnaround Time?

Migration to EVPN-based topology can take place gradually without major disruption to current virtualized DC applications. EVPN also helps where L3VPN stops short in desirable routing and switching features.

Our team of experts would love to help answer any questions about EVPN and help you implement EVPN or other solutions to further connect and support your team. Please contact us today to learn more:



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