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A lot of confusion exists as companies navigate the difference between digital transformation and Digital Optimization™ and determine the right fit for their specific organizational needs. Below we dive into the differences, the strengths and weaknesses, and the particular considerations for businesses during the implementation of their IT transformation strategy.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation involves the use of new technology solutions designed to fundamentally shift a business, operations, or service delivery model. According to Bruce Rogers at Forbes, “84% of companies fail at digital transformation” due to the failure of the behavior and cultural shift that is imperative to accompany and drive such change, largely in part due to companies taking a haphazard approach and making blanket goal statements. A goal “to increase technology by 55% and productivity by 85%” is vague and can be interpreted in many ways. Although companies set out with the best intentions when crafting digital transformation goals, those intentions go awry when new systems are implemented without thorough consideration of the process and people currently in place.

A fundamental shift in your business does not have to be a headache when carefully planned by agents who take advantage of emerging technologies that are propelling businesses into the future.  Let ITC2 assure that by examining your current IT headaches and struggles, we can provide you with researched, data driven solutions that focus on current shifts and trends in technology to address these key areas of needs and opportunities for growth.  There’s no need to fear the ways that technology can shift a business into the future; rather, technology can create many more opportunities for quality growth beyond what we once imagined possible.  We’re here for you!


What Are the Considerations for Digital Transformation?

It’s essential for agents at Digital Transformation companies to know and understand your customer base or the heart of your business model.  Marc Benioff, Chairman and Co-CEO of Salesforce explained, “Every digital transformation is going to begin and end with the customer, and I can see that in the minds of every CEO I talk to.” Understanding the core of your business model is imperative in order to provide a digital transformation solution that best meets the needs of the business now and into the future.  Not only do agents need to understand the current business model, but also where your ideas are headed, so we can help you dream of a new model beyond your current expectations and beliefs about technology.  Think beyond a world of the current possibilities and limitations of your existing systems.

  • Digital Transformation by Innovation:  Sometimes businesses are looking to completely reinvent their service delivery models.  Technology can be utilized to deliver service in ways that were impossible before.  If your business transformation model includes an innovative, fundamental shift in the way you deliver customer service, we can help leverage technology solutions to accompany your unique plan and goals.
    Another way that businesses innovate when undergoing digital transformation, is by creating opportunities to expand their business into the digital world.  Digital transformation opens up new business opportunities that can co-exist and compliment your current products and services.  If you have grand plans to take advantage of innovative opportunities to expand your business, we’d love to help provide you with technology solutions for your enterprise to fit your goals.
  • Digital Transformation by Process: Tasks that seemed long and tedious in the past can be streamlined in new ways you’d never imagined before.  Important human capital can be positioned to drive thought leadership and business growth, rather than focusing on menial, time-consuming tasks limited by what we once thought were practical and necessary.  AIOps and automation provide solutions that foster opportunities for restructuring in new ways. Digital transformation is a complete overhaul into the future, saving you time and money with a gain in quality as you fundamentally change your business’s processes.
  • Digital Transformation by People:  Business processes go hand-in-hand with a company’s human capital and culture.  Culture must accompany a shift in digital transformation when embracing new technology in a business.  Often times, the people resources within the business are more equipped to handle digital transformation than they initially thought with the proper tools, resources, and training to adapt and grow with technological changes in our fast-paced digital world.  ITC2 can work with companies to match the technology to the culture.


What is Digital Optimization™?

Digital Optimization™ is a solution carefully designed to meet your business’s needs. It takes an even deeper dive into understanding the pain points of your business in order to optimize your technology solutions. Although this process is transformative in nature, it provides optimal results that mesh your business process with technology to increase value and productivity while providing an overall better experience for your staff as well as your customers.

Digital Optimization™ is a special type of solution.  Rather than undergoing a complete rip and replacement of existing systems, as is often needed for transformation, agents take advantage of current practices and technologies that are working for a business while driving change and innovation to manage the challenges being faced by a business.  Digital Optimization™ also supports the innovation, process, and people within the industry but without a fundamental shift to the entire business model.

  • Digital Optimization™ by Innovation, Process, and People:  When changes need to be made to facilitate a streamlined digital process for service delivery without undergoing a complete shift in the delivery model itself, network optimization solutions are offered to enhance the customer service delivery process.  Changes in network, infrastructure, security, AIOps, and automation can be leveraged with some aspects of the existing systems for an efficient, modernized, optimized approach to the digital components that support your business model.  Additionally, for maximum optimization potential, ITC2’s needs assessment approach considers the business’s process and people in place while offering innovative solutions to eliminate pain points and get down to business.


What Are the Strengths of Digital Optimization™?

When applying Digital Optimization™ as a strategy, not only will a business’s enterprise be optimized, engineered solutions geared toward optimizing your network bandwidth will be implemented. Your telecom needs will be assessed in order to reduce bandwidth usage while increasing capacity. Quality bandwidth begets better security, and the assessment of your service requirements will help you select the equipment and plan to meet your needs while optimizing cost.

Digital Optimization™ enables businesses to make the changes they need while envisioning the future without the risk of adopting a completely new fundamental approach to their business model.  Digital Optimization™ will push past the limits of what you once thought was possible, but in a very methodical and calculated way while optimizing cost.  ITC2 can optimize your business with solutions for connectivity, communications, infrastructure, cloud application migration, enterprise solutions, and more.

Let’s compare:

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ITC2’s Digital Optimization™ Process

At ITC2, we connect our customers to the world. With our Digital Optimization™ strategy, we are assessment-focused on calibrating the needs of your businesses and exceeding your expectations. Our respected industry experts provide you with strategic analysis to achieve your IT digital transformation goals. Our clients look to us as an extension and enhancement of their procurement teams who will provide IT transformation strategies and solutions that work. We’ll take care of the technology so that you can focus on your customers.

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