ITC2 is a proud partner of Resolve, the #1 IT automation platform in the industry. Resolve’s mission is to extend their advanced knowledge of AIOps and IT automation in order to improve simplicity, efficiency, agility, and resiliency in a client company’s operations. Their platform creates and incorporates new automated IT processes with your company’s current solutions to ensure a streamlined and manageable transition.

The following video features a partner from a telecommunications company discussing the two key benefits their business has experienced using Resolve’s automation process: hundreds of hours in time savings and standardization across their global operations.



Resolve’s progressive automation services allow companies to further their digital transformation journey through several components; a prominent example of this is utilizing AIOps, or artificial intelligence with automated actions, to save employees time performing manual tasks. This technology is able to accelerate repetitive operations, such as testing, monitoring, ticketing, and resolving incidents, as these tasks do not require human interaction with the system. Instead, this spare time is available for assignments that are considerably more valuable for the business. In addition, a fully implemented automation system introduces the concept of standardization for businesses that have centers across several global regions. Resolve’s services can benefit your workforce’s continuity by establishing a standard process that is automated and optimized for your company, rather than each employee or region completing tasks in a different manner and decreasing efficiency.

By implementing Resolve’s valuable service and expertise, your company’s operations will experience benefits across numerous areas. IT infrastructure is rapidly evolving and growing in the age of digital transformation, and Resolve is ready to assist by providing an integrated automation platform to support their customer’s individual needs.

ITC2 proudly partners with Resolve to streamline your business operations with automation while optimizing costs and connecting our clients to the world. ITC2 leverages over 300 combined years of thought leadership and industry experience to ensure that your business’s needs will be best served by streamlining automation and AIOps while saving valuable resources, time, and money. View the case study to learn how ITC2’s team utilized Resolve’s automation platform to help a global financial company automate their service desk. ITC2 to here to provide you with the automation solutions you need.

ITC2 is a Gartner recognized Minority Business Enterprise Supplier with a 94% customer satisfaction rating from Dunn & Bradstreet, a requirement to do business with Federal, State, County and City Governments.

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