ITC2 Increasing Capacity Success Story Telecom

Problem Statement:
Our client’s MPLS network was failing to support its business units around the world, costing the company as much as $10,000 per minute in certain network elements from its customers and loss of productivity.


  • 2011 – Authored a detailed MPLS RFP
  • 2011 – Assisted in the development of a long-term network strategy and architecture to future-proof the network
  • 2012 – Completed a detailed analysis of the current MPLS network and infrastructure
  • 2012 – Project managed and assisted in deployment of a worldwide MPLS network
  • 2012 – Implemented a dual network infrastructure while increasing bandwidth capacity and stability
  • 2016 – Completed a comprehensive circuit diversity study of the Tier 1 service provider chosen to ensure less risk to the company
  • 2016 – Assisted in contract renewal that saved the client approximately 28%
  • 2018 – Assisted in contract renewal that saved the client roughly 10%

These changes ensured a reliable and stable network that will support the customer’s business units around the world.

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