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Problem Statement:

A leading healthcare enterprise needed end-to-end visibility for quick root cause identification of issues impacting its SAP ERP. The company lacked a dynamic and up-to-date inventory of IT infrastructure entities supporting ERP business processes. High MTTR impacted the business as operational data was siloed, existing in disparate domains of the SAP ERP stack.


  • Auto-discovery of multi-domain application and infrastructure entities updates inventory in near real-time. Topology mapping provides granular relationships between physical and virtual compute, storage, and network entities.
  • Resolve Insights AIOps performs dynamic dependency mapping of SAP components with underlying infrastructure to provide an overlay of operational health and performance data collected from various sources.
  • Scalable integration with SAP Solution Manager for business, operations, and infrastructure metrics and time-series event correlation enables quick identification of root cause for ERP user and business KPI issues.


  • Rapid root-cause analysis, infrastructure planning, auditing and compliance
  • MTTR for SAP ERP performance issues was reduced from hours to minutes
  • Automated auditing and compliance of IT assets for ERP
  • Optimized infrastructure resource planning and workload management for all SAP ERP applications
  • Increased application assurance, improved ERP system uptime, transaction uptime, and user satisfaction
  • Faster value generation from IT to business and precise business impact analysis ensures business continuity
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