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Optimizing Business Application: Automation

Problem Statement:
An advanced telecommunications provider wanted to maintain 24×7 uptime across the network without ripping and replacing current diagnostics, and they wanted to increase response time in resolving incidents, reducing reliance on ticket escalations and other problematic delays.

Solution: Value: Based

  • Resolve.IO’s AIOps and advanced IT automation combined in a powerful platform for immediate ROI.
  • With Resolve.IO, the client was able to use one platform that automates across the IT ecosystem & integrates with existing IT solutions.
  • Combining Resolve with IBM® Tivoli® Netcool® Software, Consolidated Communications is now able to: prevent network downtime and service degradation, achieve enhanced internal collaboration, streamline workflows, save thousands of hours each year to positively impact customer service


  • $1M in Monthly savings – Faster resolution, reduced escalations, and automated validation, diagnosis, and resolution all contribute to savings
  • Rapid Time to Value 277% savings over alternative solutions with an ROI of less than 9 months
  • Unified Control – Streamline workflows with Resolve as the central repository for internal information, configuration, and understanding of different customers, with the capability for integration with other technologies
  • Reduced Escalations – CSRs are empowered to fix complex issues on their own for faster resolution and improved productivity

Resolve.IO’sAIOps and advanced IT automation combine in a powerful platform for immediate ROI, reduced MTTR, prevention of outages, reduced alarm noise, provide real-time visibility, and scale automation seamlessly into the future.

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