ITC2 Optimizing Business Application FixStream

Problem Statement:
A large enterprise with global infrastructure had its support provided by diverse operational tooling without any correlation of events. This led to significant downtime and customer impact due to increased delays caused by efforts to rationalize the outage’s root cause. By implementing Resolve Insights AIOps, this company was able to reduce outage time from two hours to 38 minutes, minimizing impacts to clients.


  • Resolve Insights enables a predictive approach to incident resolution using AI and machine learning to reduce the MTTR, saving employees time normally spent troubleshooting
  • The AIOps platform correlates infrastructure, creating a visualization of the environment in one view that is customizable to support operational processes, much like Google Maps performs for roads
  • A global inventory view of IT assets was created, which serves as the CMDB for operations teams
    • Improving situational awareness by discovering unexpected technical inventory
    • Detecting devices operating at or over capacity


  • A consolidation of tooling saved $350,000
  • Return to operations metrics were improved by over an hour per incident
  • Reduced overall hours in troubleshooting and recovery
  • An optimized view of infrastructure modernized IT operations and reduced costs

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