ITC2 Optimizing Cyber Security Risk

Problem Statement:
A large global fintech company with over 150,000 endpoints struggled with cyber attacks and breaches, and could not rationalize millions of lines of security logs to understand where the real threat lie and which assets were exposed to the internet and weaponized.

Value-based business solution:

  • ITC2 recommended a solution leveraging RiskSense to automate security risk management from detection to remediation
  • Using the RiskSense AI and SaaS analytics, the security team was able to analyze thousands of vulnerabilities across thousands of hosts and applications in minutes, to focus on and eliminate the ones that posed the greatest and most immediate risk.
    • A key benefit of this analysis was the identification of key risk indicators, which was easily and immediately explainable to all stakeholders via the RiskSense Security (RS3) score, much like a credit score rating. Toolset also allowed for centralized reporting providing SecOps, network, CISO, c-suite and others the opportunity to communicate efficiently and effectively the strategy to all impacted stakeholders.
    • RiskSense platform provided a go-forward “single source of truth” that not only enabled the remediation of the key vulnerabilities, but fostered cooperation between both the security and operational teams who were able to quickly and effectively trust and verify that the remedies applied truly mitigated the risk.
  • The proposed solutions were implemented with RiskSense, successfully hardening the global enterprise by prioritizing immediate response and reduced cost by shifting resources to skill appropriate tasks.

RiskSense helps company’s drastically reducing remediation time, thus reducing the risk of a cyber breach.

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