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Problem Statement:

A Global financial institution sought to reduce manual processes to improve productivity and cost efficiencies. They needed a flexible, scalable self-service solution for the global service desk to accelerate incident resolution while addressing gaps in knowledge management among existing ITSM tools. 


Resolve Actions automation platform was rolled out to 17,000 users to deliver synchronous automation triggered by incidents and end-user interaction. Guided workflow and decision automation were provided for an intuitive, robust means to maintain knowledge and keep information updated and actionable


  • 60% reduction in ticket volume by proactively managing application, data center, and network alerts
  • $1 million saved annually by applying Resolve Actions to 20 of the most frequently occurring alerts, resulting in faster responsiveness and lower cost in responding to events. 
  • Incident handling time reduced by up to 50%
  • Incident volumes reduced by up to 30%
  • Critical process knowledge for IT support and operations was located centrally and tied to a large and expanding library of automation modules. 
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